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Hair Replacement & Full Cap Wigs

We have chosen to specialize in Hair Replacement Systems as non-surgical treatment, since we believe in providing services that have no “ifs” or “buts” attached to the hair replacement solution.We believe in providing the quality of services with consistent & assure result through which our clients will be able to get the desired hair coverage that they seek.

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We offer you:

Lots of money has been spent by many people in an attempt to re-grow hair. Unfortunately statistics has shown that results usually vary from person to person in terms of consistency and they come with no guarantee.

Our Endeavour therefore is to provide an assured hair replacement system which is the right solution and right results with the 100% guaranteed or assured results that aim to transform your life.

We aim to address hair thinning and baldness in a completely assured manner.

Transform yourself in just 2-4 Hours with Our Quality Hair Replacement Easy and fast Solution.

Life is too short to regret not having enough hair….Whatever your extent of hair loss, We at Luckys guarantee to enhance your charisma without hair transplants, implants, medicines, cuts or surgery..

In short we provide an absolutely painless and virtually instant process that will have you walk out of our Studio with a Head full of lovely hair, cut and styled to bring out the REAL You in just few hours.

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Lucky Looks

We offer you a free demo & trial.

Our experience staff will attach a quality hair system to your head and will show you how you will look after the treatment to make your mind doubt free and this will be a free demo for you.

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Custom Hair Style

Our stylists are well experience and trained and they can give you a unique hair style which will make you look more handsome.

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money back guaranteed

100% Natural Looks or Money Back Guarantee.:

We gives you the best hair replacement with our imported quality and we are that confident about our products that we are giving you money back guarantee if you are not happy with the result.(T&C apply)

FAQs about Hair replacement

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What am I in for during your free consultation?

Ans: We have a very long term approach to this business which focuses on customer satisfaction. We know that providing the best possible products and services and treating clients as we would want to be treated, results in a high level of satisfaction. Therefore, when you come in for a consultation you will find that we take as much time as required with each client and there is absolutely no sales pressure. Consultations are done in a private room, where we show you our hair system and discuss all the details associated with the solutions applicable to you. We have yet to meet a client who has not fallen in love with our system

Q: Can I opt for a home consultation or do I have to visit your centre?

Ans: We offer both centre and free home consultation in which our trained consultant visit to your home or preferred locations and give you free demo and clear all your doubts.

Q: How long would it be to get a Hair System, once I decide to go for the solution?

Ans: We know that you will love your new look and would like to change yourself and get your self confidence back as soon as possible therefore we keep almost every hair color , type and texture available. You can get your back in just few hours. Now you do not need to worry if you have any party and function coming up just get yourself ready in few hours and give the surprise to your loved ones. You do not need to wait for weeks and months.

Q: Do you do a customize Hair System? If yes How much time does it take ?

Ans: Our systems are HD systems which gives you so natural look but yes If you want to customize your hair systems with some extra requirement Like Grey and White Hair mix or Golden Hair mix , or some more add on. You can either go for semi customize which takes 5 to 10 days, also We can fully customize it for you which takes 2 to 3 months time.

Q: What is the ideal number of Hair Systems that a person should own?

Two systems ensure that you will always have one to wear while the other is kept as a standby. It will be required if one is sent for color treatment or if there is an accidental damage to the system. It also helps to use the other system when you are in a hurry and have no time to wait and clean the system. But we still make single systems available for those who do not want two systems.

Q: Can I do my own attachments?

Ans: Yes, you can do your own attachments. Having two hair systems will make it easier to clean and fix the system at your own pace. Get a mirror fixed at an angle on the wall behind you so that you can easily see your scalp and fix the system.

Q: How long will my hair system last?

Ans: If you purchase two hair systems they will last for at least one year. If other companies tell you that their systems last 5 to 7 years it is not possible as ultra custom lace hair systems are so natural that we do not fill hair densely. If you still wish to have very thick hair then the pair of systems will last a minimum of 18 months.

Q: What kind of hair do you use?

Ans: We use premium and very high quality Human hair.

Q: Will the hair system look natural and blend with my hair?

Ans: Yes, The results look completely natural viewed from any angle and in any kind of light For example if you have a slight wave or curls in your hair then we will make a system that matches your hair. The result will be a fine art of hair replacement.

Q: How will the products affect my skin health?

Ans: Our clients need not have any apprehension about their skin health due to our hair replacement systems. All the items we use are skin friendly and tested but still for your satisfaction we do a patch test which clear your all doubts.

Q: Do I have to make any change in my daily routine?

Ans: Not in any noticeable way. One thing we have to practice is to avoid being very conscious of your hair. This means, once we do our hair, usually in the morning before the start of our day, we should consciously avoid giving attention to our hair till the end of our day. We do have to take care of our new hair as we do with our natural hair. Only extra care we need to do is to avoid being rough with it. We wash or shower our new hair normally but softly, dry it by pressing gently with a soft towel – not rubbing it hard, comb it slowly and softly in our choice of style while the hair is damp, make use of the recommended hair cosmetics the way it is advised. All such things we would do even with our natural hair on a daily basis.

Q: Will my hair break or fall?

Ans: The longer the hair in length the hair will fall or weaken faster. Our hair is 100% natural and will behave just as your natural hair does. We will teach you the correct techniques to look after your hair. Conditioners and serums help the hair to retain moisture for a longer period

Q: Can I swim with my hair system?

Ans: You can swim with your system on but it would be advisable to wear a swimming cap as you need to take precaution to prevent hair from drying out. The salt in the ocean water and chlorine in the pool can really wreak havoc on a hair system if you do not care for it properly. Avoiding damage is really easy. Your hair won’t absorb as much of the salt and chemicals if you wet the hair prior to getting in the pool or ocean water and apply some leave-in conditioner. Rinse your hair out as soon as possible once you are done swimming and you are good to go!